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James Bailey: Biography

source site I’m James and as a therapist I focus my effort in helping restore hope to those who have lost their way by supporting people through their current troubles.

follow site Some years ago my sister and her family relocated overseas through her husband’s job in the oil and gas industry: firstly Japan, then the Middle East, on to the USA, then back to Japan, eventually returning to the UK. At the time it was harder to keep in contact, as services like Skype and Facetime had yet to be born, and our communication was limited to the ‘occasional’ phone call or their infrequent trips home.

Since her return I’ve spent lots of time talking with my sister about her 20 years overseas, and whilst she talks fondly of her time away, and the community she developed, I am aware of the tough times she faced in the early days, and the lack of contact with family and friends and someone from back home who ‘spoke the same language’.

aspirin 0.5 mg Having spent some year practising as a therapist, Paul and I began talking about our own experiences with ‘expats’ and that the challenges living in an unfamiliar place can be daunting. PresentLife is one way to have easy dialogue and be understood.

My hope is that you’ll be able to work through the challenges you face, developing an understanding about how you live your life. I’ll encourage you to allow the possibility that changing certain aspects might help you gain greater satisfaction. I’ll be there to listen to what you really want, and then support you with how to get it.

As a therapist I have experience of working with a wide variety of people and concerns including depression, anxiety and stress, personal crisis and self-esteem as well as the difficulties surrounding separation and loss.

Prior to my lifestyle change, and becoming a therapist, I spent 30 years in UK and international media/ broadcasting, and I find that this background provides me with a wide perspective and understanding on the experiences my clients have in their lives.

Simply, my approach is to allow you to take a closer look at your life and the way you relate to others and the world around you.

Our time talking is for you to gain a fuller understanding of your challenges, motivations and worries; then examine how finding alternative ways of seeing situations can help solve your difficulties.